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Applying polyvagal theory to the practice and teaching of yoga

October 20 – 23

Pagosa Spring, Colorado

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The lens of Polyvagal Theory compliments and reinforces the practice and teaching of yoga in uniquely therapeutic ways. Its a wonderful resource for students who want to refine their inner practice as well as teachers who want to support and hold safer spaces for their communities.

30 Hour Yoga Alliance CE Training

At the heart of yoga, there is a singular question: “Who am I?”

Answering this question takes us on a lifelong journey of discovering all the many parts of our Self.

As life ebbs and flows beyond our control, a vital tool on this path is the ability to have an inner refuge.  From this place of anchored safety, we can reach out in curiosity and take risks to explore our borders.  We can feel centered enough to explore and steady enough to feel.

Polyvagal Theory is the “science of feeling safe”. It is a way to understand where perceptions of security or danger live within the body by providing a powerful framework for befriending our autonomic nervous system. We will explore the inner landscape of our ANS and it’s components, in particular the Vagus Nerve, for greater self awareness, self regulation, and resilience.   

The tools of Polyvagal Theory (neural exercises, visualizations, breathwork, meditations, etc..) compliment and reinforce the practice and teaching of yoga in uniquely therapeutic ways.  It is an incredible lens and resource for yoga students who want to deepen their inner practice and teachers who want to support and hold safer spaces for their communities.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves, our families, our communities, our students, is the power of regulation.  To be able to show up with a steady presence and an open heart. 

Cole and David have weaved Polyvagal techniques extensively into their yoga and mindfulness offerings and are excited to share their unique insights with you.

“When the inner workings of our biology are a mystery, we feel as if we’re at the mercy of unknown, unexplainable, and unpredictable experiences. Once we know how our nervous system works, we can work with it. As we learn the art of befriending our nervous system, we learn to become active operators of this essential system.”
- Deb Dana

In this training you will learn…. 

On completion of this training, you will receive 30 hours CE for Yoga Alliance.

Accommodation – you’ll need to book an Airbnb or hotel which allows you to explore within your budget.  There is also lots of camping in the area and if you want to bunk up let us know and we can help to connect you with others who want to as well.

Food: We’ll have an hour + half for lunch which you can take solo, bring your lunch, or go out as a group.

Transport: People will be responsible for their own transport. 

Bring: a journal, pen, yoga mat, bathing suit + towel (If hotspringing), comfy shoes for a nature walk.

Additional Notes:

  • A small manual + yoga props are all provided.
  • One day we will go on an easeful nature excursion on day if the weather permits so bring comfy shoes!
  • There are WORLD CLASS hot springs here! You’ll def want to submerge into these healing waters so bring your bathing suit + towel if you have space (they’ll charge you for a towel)

Days will be a blend of lecture, asana, meditation, breathwork, journaling, self + group inquiry, and relational work.  This course is very experiential!


$ 675