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The Mindfulish school Faculty

Meet Your Teachers

We are truly honored to have a wise, compassionate, dedicated, and deeply inspiring group of humans to call our colleagues and friends. They are each absolute experts in their fields, having spent years as students and teachers. Together, our teaching team brings decades of diverse experience in the classroom, on the mat, and in living our yoga. We trust our incredible faculty will invite you deeper toward your unique path of yoga (and life)!

Jacq St Pierre

I’m a mama, a lover of travel, books, music, and forever and always studying our human experience. Based in Austin, TX I teach Vinyasa Krama, Meditation, Ayurveda, Bhakti Yoga, Teacher Trainings, and Harmonium Lessons around the globe.

My classes ask you to return to the wisdom you have deep within, remind you not to take yourself too seriously, and always keep things interesting! I believe our yoga practice is not just for our own individual lives, but for the collective freedom and good of all beings.

I attended Laughing Lotus College of Yoga in San Francisco and have studied extensively with my teachers there and in NYC. I am deeply humbled and forever grateful to the practice and all of those who have guided me along the way. As Ram Das said, “When you know how to listen, everybody is the guru.”

Cole Chance

I’ve been a seeker all my life. It has brought me to the depths of addiction, to all corners of the world and gratefully, to my mat and cushion. Through my practices I’ve begun to unravel, explore and understand the most fascinating of all landscapes – the inner one.

I believe in utilizing curiosity and intellect, both mental and somatic, to peel back our many layers and find more freedom in our lives. My teachings are a modge podge of playful sequencing, Yoga and Buddhist philosophy, all on a bedrock of compassionate self-inquiry.

I have deep gratitude for my many teachers on and off the mat as this practice of inner and outer unity has literally saved my life. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

“We practice in good times so that we will have the momentum to practice in the bad ones. We practice when it is easy so that we will practice when it is hard. We practice in a safe, controlled setting so that when it is scary and uncertain we will know what to do. We practice in the light what we wish to remember to do in the dark.”



A yoga educator for over a decade, Kim is deeply committed to living wholeheartedly + sharing the timeless teachings of yoga.

Kimberly Erin


Rachel’s combined experience of Osteopathy, functional anatomy, sports therapy and so much more, gives her a truly holistic approach to educating her students on the wonders

Rachel Ellery


Ali is an eternal student, wise teacher, and author whose passion for the life giving practices of Ayurveda and Yoga is absolutely contagious.

Ali Cramer


Kelly is a magic seeker who artistically weaves her great passion for myth into the movement by calling upon her years of practice and study. 

Kelly Kamm

Yin + Storytelling

Dedicated to her studentship, Karen’s classes are infused with her curiosity, making the history of this practice come to life!

Keren Cooksey

Tantric Philosophy

Founder of The Equity Collective, Dia challenges clients to embody honesty and non-violence in the support of deep investigation into social inequity.

Dia Penning

Social Equity

Nityda Gessel is a somatic psychotherapist, trauma specialist, yoga teacher and educator, mom and heart-centered activist.

Nityda Gessel

Trauma Education

Mary Dana

Known for her precision attention to alignment and an easy-going approach, Mary Dana’s anatomy classes are thoughtful explorations.

David O

Bringing a joyful passion for knowledge, DavidO’s Sanskrit teachings go deep while remaining playful and accessible.


An advocate for social equity first, and secondly an ambassador for yoga, we are grateful to Brima for sharing his considered teachings with our community. 


Dedicated to her studentship, Karen’s classes are infused with her curiosity, making the history of this practice come to life!

Hey beautiful human. We’re so glad you’re curious about the path of deepening your relationship to joy through self discovery on and off the mat. Our yoga practice goes far beyond the physical postures! It is a rich, colorful, life long path where the learning never ends. It just keeps on giving, keeps on supporting, and IT is always there for US! This is just the beginning and we are so excited to walk alongside you as your own special journey unfolds. 
With hearts wide open,
Jacq + Cole