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The Mindfulish school Faculty

Meet Your Teachers

We are truly honored to have a wise, compassionate, dedicated, and deeply inspiring group of humans to call our colleagues and friends. They are each absolute experts in their fields, having spent years as students and teachers. Together, our teaching team brings decades of diverse experience in the classroom, on the mat, and in living our yoga. We trust our incredible faculty will invite you deeper toward your unique path of yoga (and life)!

Jacq St Pierre

I’ve always been a creative, using movement as my medium. When I found chanting, meditation, and breath work… I thought it was weird AND I was all in. I grew up dancing and playing sports. Movement had always been spiritual to me, but before yoga, I never had the language to describe this mystical experience of fully inhabiting my body.

I’m a mom of two young children, trying to find more time to read. I’m an entrepreneur, a traveler, a nature seeker, and vinyl record collector. I am a recovery advocate passionate about sharing the tools of yoga and mindfulness to support building a big cool life, free from the things that keep us stuck.

My yoga and meditation classes ask you to return to the wisdom you have deep within while reminding you not to take yourself too seriously. My approach is empowering, inclusive, and aims to inspire agency and freedom in the body. I always keep it fresh by infusing mudra and interesting transitions in with the familiar shapes and poses. I wholeheartedly believe our yoga practice is not just for our own individual lives, but for the collective freedom and good of all beings.

I attended Laughing Lotus College of Yoga in San Francisco and have studied extensively with my teachers there and in NYC. I am deeply humbled and forever grateful to the practice and all of those who have guided me along the way. As Ram Dass said, “When you know how to listen, everybody is the guru.”

Cole Chance

I’ve been a seeker all my life. It has brought me to the depths of addiction, to all corners of the world, and gratefully to my yoga mat. Through this wide reaching practice, I continue to unravel, explore & understand the most fascinating of all the landscapes – the inner one as a path to the outer…

I believe in utilizing our curiosity and cognition, both of mind and soma, to peel back our many layers, revealing myriad selves including our unconditioned ones. My teachings are woven with threads of playful sequencing, yogic and Buddhist philosophy, and both the neuroscientific and mythic lens, all nestled on a foundation of compassionate self-inquiry.

A deep bow for my many teachers on and off the mat as this practice of inner and outer unity has literally saved my life.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


Kimberly Erin Co-Lead Bali

With over a decade of experience as a yoga educator, Kimberly is deeply committed to sharing the timeless teachings of yoga with a therapeutic approach. Her calming demeanor and poetic articulation are reflected in her classes, which are built around intelligent sequencing that creates a curiosity and openness in students. Expect a playful + grounded approach that welcomes all as they are. In addition to being the owner of The Space Yoga Studio in Australia, Kimberly also shares yoga in prisons through her rehabilitation work and advocates for at-risk youth, while serving as a foster carer. She remains a lifelong student of the wisdom tradition of yoga.

Kim’s approach to yoga is unique and inclusive, and she truly believes that everyone can benefit from the practice. She has a genuine warmth that creates a safe space for all to explore and connect with themselves and others. Her intuitive sense allows her to customize her classes to meet the specific needs of her students, and her compassion and heart-centered approach create a supportive and nurturing environment for growth and healing. Through her teachings, Kim inspires others to tap into their own inner wisdom and shine their light brightly in the world.

April Frazier Social Equity & Inclusion

April has served as a middle school teacher at an under-served school in the South Bronx. She considers herself a lifelong learner of mindfulness and yoga as a tool for self-empowerment and social justice in diverse, resilient communities. In 2010, she completed her 200-hr teacher certification through Dharma Yoga certification and has since held space for yoga in under-performing schools, trauma centers, and addiction centers to cultivate inner healing. She believes, regardless of background, we are all in our breath and body, so might as well tap back into our inner wisdom to navigate life’s challenges.

April was part of the first year cohort at the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Columbia University where she combined education, social activism, entrepreneurship and mindfulness. April has also been certified in laughter yoga, yoga for 12 step recovery, Off the Mat and Into the World, restorative justice, and various trauma-informed and mindfulness in-schools programs. These days, her main mindfulness practice is being a foster mom.

She earned her bachelor’s degree with a focus on Anti-Racist education from Mount Holyoke College and her master’s degree from Columbia’s Spirituality Mind Institute Masters in Education.

Rachel Ellery Applied Anatomy

Rachel is an international anatomy and movement teacher that specializes in teaching yoga students, teachers and bodyworkers. Her teaching experience extends over 20 years where she spent a decade instructing osteopath students at UniTech in New Zealand after graduating from the British School of Osteopathy in 2000. She encourages her students to develop their own self-awareness and invokes in them a playful curiosity about what happens under their skin. Rachel’s down-to-earth teaching style uses storytelling and case studies, visuals of the body, interactive exercises and informative handouts to make anatomy an engaging subject for all her students.

Based in Bali, the yoga capital of Asia, Rachel travels to yoga schools across the globe to educate yoga students and teachers in a holistic view of how the whole body works. She combines her extensive knowledge of osteopathy, sports therapy, pilates, Thai bodywork, and yoga into unique interactive anatomy and movement classes with the help of Charlie, her skeleton.

Andrew Mournehis Mythology + Philosophy

Andrew is an Australian born Yogi and Dancer who was living his dream as a dancer and choreographer when his career was cut short by a life-changing knee injury and serious illness in 1995. He was working for Tina Turner at the time, and it was she that initiated him into the world of Spirituality and the Divine. His crisis forced him to seek a healing path, and he turned to YOGA to heal his body and soul, falling in love with the practice and teaching to packed classes by 1999.

Passionate about the healing power of group, mythology and stories, he combined his love for yoga with transpersonal healing to create transformative spaces for participants. Andrew teaches a combination of Hatha, Bhakti and Tantra Yoga, and his unique teaching style is rich in Heart and Soul, Tantric Philosophy, Inspiration, Storytelling, Mantra and the Spirit of the Divine.

Andrew has spent over 25 years facilitating many healing groups, workshops, and retreats in Yoga, Movement, Tantra, Mythology, and Transpersonal Modalities. He boasts over 19 years of experience in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy Techniques, 25 years of Yoga Teaching and over 30 years’ experience in the fields of Creative Arts and Dance.

Kelly Kamm Yin + Mythology

Always on the hunt for some deep connection with the invisible forces of magic and spirit, Kelly studied Eastern philosophy and Japanese in DC, hiked the Appalachian Trail, traveled the world, and worked as a stylist in the NYC fashion and music business. When she found yoga she saw it as the confluence of everything she valued and longed for – creation and form, connection to the magical unknown, the fusing of the sacred and the everyday. She opened a studio in Goshen NY in 2006 and sold it 10 years later, and she now teaches workshops, festivals and teacher trainings all over the globe.

Kelly’s classes are smart, poetic and always a little unexpected. She is known for her storytelling and her ability to make the philosophy of yoga relatable, to bring big subjects into an every day perspective. Her aim is always to make each person feel welcomed and at ease, whether in person or online. She is honored to study with and be influenced by many great teachers including Sondra Loring, Cyndi Lee and Douglas Brooks.

She believes wholeheartedly that yoga is not separate from culture or politics or anything else, and she strives to create an environment that is inclusive, helpful and relevant. It is of utmost importance to her that she stay current with regards to movement science, neuroscience, social justice & political movements.

Ali Cramer Pranayama + Ayurveda

Ali Cramer is the author of “Modern Ayurveda: Rituals, Recipes and Remedies for Balance”, and has been teaching Yoga and Ayurveda nationally and internationally since 2003.

She has taught Teacher trainings on Yoga, Ayurveda, Chakras, Anatomy, Sequencing and the Yoga Sutras at the 200 and 300 hour level since 2007. Additionally, she has been a guest teacher on the faculties at Columbia University and MIT, as well as public and private schools within her hometown of NYC. In 2013, she led the first Yoga Teacher training in Sudan as well as working with therapists at a Sudanese Refugee Center and Ahfad Women’s University in Sudan.

Ali is an eternal student and passionate about these life giving practices!

Nityda Gessel Trauma Education

Nityda Gessel is a somatic psychotherapist, trauma specialist, yoga teacher and educator, mom and heart-centered activist. Nityda is the founder of the Trauma-Conscious Yoga Institute, creator of The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠, and author of forthcoming Norton book on trauma healing and embodied spirituality (anticipated release, July 2023). Nityda’s integrative work over the past two decades has significantly contributed to the integration of the mental health and yoga/embodiment professions. Nityda has devoted her life to supporting the upliftment of others, working at the intersection of Eastern spirituality, holistic mental health, and embodied activism. During her time off, she loves getting dirty with her toddler, being in nature, dancing and traveling the world.


Shyann Hibbs is a Professional Photographer, holding a degree in visual communication with a concentration in photography. Her style and technique originated in the dark room, fostering a passion for light, detail, and emotion in her work. Following graduation, she traveled throughout Italy, where she immersed herself in the art she had studied for years. The impact of this journey continues to shape her life today, as she now travels the world with Cole Chance Yoga and The Mindfulish School, documenting and storytelling the human experience.

She is endlessly curious about learning, exploring, and witnessing the human experience, both within herself and in others. Continuously exploring the depths of being, Shyann advocates for holistic health, recovery, and wellbeing through various modalities. She holds certifications in all grades of Reiki natural healing, Table Thai Yoga, and as a yoga instructor. She completed the 200 Yoga Teacher Training at Yes Power Yoga, Jasper, IN, and pursued further education with certifications in Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Foundational Training (TCTSY), Integrative Somatic Yoga (ISY), Emerge Recovery, and most recently, The Mindfulish School 300 Hour Teacher Training.


A yoga educator for over a decade, Kim is deeply committed to living wholeheartedly + sharing the timeless teachings of yoga.

Kimberly Erin


Rachel’s combined experience of Osteopathy, functional anatomy, sports therapy and so much more, gives her a truly holistic approach to educating her students on the wonders

Rachel Ellery

Applied Anatomy

Ali is an eternal student, wise teacher, and author whose passion for the life giving practices of Ayurveda and Yoga is absolutely contagious.

Ali Cramer

Pranayama + Ayurveda

Kelly is a magic seeker who artistically weaves her great passion for myth into the movement by calling upon her years of practice and study. 

Kelly Kamm

Yin + Mythology

Dedicated to her studentship, Karen’s classes are infused with her curiosity, making the history of this practice come to life!

Keren Cooksey

Tantric Philosophy

April holds a Masters in Education from Columbia University and uses yoga and mindfulness to empower diverse communities.

April Frazier

Social Equity & Inclusion

Nityda Gessel is a somatic psychotherapist, trauma specialist, yoga teacher and educator, mom and heart-centered activist.

Nityda Gessel

Trauma Education

Andrew is a Yogi, Dancer and transpersonal counselor who is passionate about the healing power of group, mythology and story.

Andrew Mournehis

Mythology + Philosophy

Mary Dana

Known for her precision attention to alignment and an easy-going approach, Mary Dana’s anatomy classes are thoughtful explorations.

David O

Bringing a joyful passion for knowledge, DavidO’s Sanskrit teachings go deep while remaining playful and accessible.


An advocate for social equity first, and secondly an ambassador for yoga, we are grateful to Brima for sharing his considered teachings with our community. 


Dedicated to her studentship, Karen’s classes are infused with her curiosity, making the history of this practice come to life!

Hey beautiful human. We’re so glad you’re curious about the path of deepening your relationship to joy through self discovery on and off the mat. Our yoga practice goes far beyond the physical postures! It is a rich, colorful, life long path where the learning never ends. It just keeps on giving, keeps on supporting, and IT is always there for US! This is just the beginning and we are so excited to walk alongside you as your own special journey unfolds. 
With hearts wide open,
Jacq + Cole