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200-hr Teacher Training

Embark on a joyful exploration of the pillars of yoga while gaining the knowledge and confidence to deepen your personal practice and share it with others. “Now, the yoga begins.” Sutra 1.1.

300-hr Teacher Training

Refine your teaching as we go far beyond the basics and spend more focused time examining specific topics like meditation, inclusive sequencing, and the brain. Expect to leave with depth and clarity for your students and yourself!

Our trainings provide a rich and diverse exploration of self through the path of yoga. Our intention is to engage you in cultivating a solid personal practice and understanding of this body of wisdom which can’t help but ripple out into the world, whether you plan to teach or not.

Our focus isn’t on perfect poses, attaining enlightenment, or even self-improvement — rather we seek to create a deeper relationship with who we already are, honoring all the many facets that make us whole.

From this steady center, we can meet our community and the world with presence, tenderness, and maybe even a little humor.

“We practice in good times so that we will have the momentum to practice in the bad ones. We practice when it is easy so that we will practice when it is hard. We practice in a safe, controlled setting so that when it is scary and uncertain we will know what to do. We practice in the light what we wish to remember to do in the dark.”

–Rolf Gates

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200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

Are you curious about diving deeper into your relationship with yoga? Our comprehensive, foundational training will take you on a journey past the poses into the heart of the practice.

"All of us have a dormant spark of divinity in us which has to be fanned into flames by yoga."

–B.K.S. Iyengar

The Mindfulish School is committed to serving up practices that are empowering, sustainable & inclusive. We believe that yoga and well-being should be available to everyone regardless of body type, age, past, gender or ethnicity. Our teachings are infused with the aspiration of unity as we strive to truly LIVE OUR YOGA
A note from Jacq + Cole:
Hey beautiful human. We’re so glad you’re curious about the path of deepening your relationship to joy through self discovery on and off the mat. Our yoga practice goes far beyond the physical postures! It is a rich, colorful, life long path where the learning never ends. It just keeps on giving, keeps on supporting, and IT is always there for US! This is just the beginning and we are so excited to walk alongside you as your own special journey unfolds. We know this is a big decision and we are 100% here to support you along the way. Please reach out with any & all questions.
With hearts wide open, Jacq + Cole